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About Ione Olson Elementary School

Olson School is located on the northern border in the city of Marina. Surrounded by pastures and an established neighborhood, Olson is less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean.


Olson Elementary is a Transitional Kindergarten – 6th grade school that has approximately 425 students. Olson has one principal, one academic coach, and 25 certificated teachers. Olson Elementary School is an ethnically diverse school in the City of Marina. Of the 425 students at Olson, approximately 50% are Latino, 25% are white, with the remaining 25% of students composed of students that are of African American, Filipino, Asian, and Pacific Islander descent.  Approximately 75 students at Olson are enrolled in our non-programmatic and/or LEAP Special Day Classes. Olson's special day classes serve a spectrum of unique needs, ranging from mild to severe. Our Language Enrichment, Academic Performance (LEAP) special day classes provide social support for students with autism and/or communication disorders who are unable to access the general education curriculum at, near, or above grade level. In addition, Olson offers a Resource Specialist & Speech & Language Program to serve the unique needs of all students.


Olson’s Purpose is to cultivate hearts & minds to build a better humanity. At Olson we believe, we have the power to change the world, safety is essential to cultivate hearts & minds, literacy is a gateway to improve self & society, social emotional skills are vital to the wellbeing of self and in the lifting up of others, & sharing Ideas & challenges leads to innovation. At Olson we value authentic & rigorous learning experiences, being culturally aware & responsive, using research to inform decisions & practice, partnerships that promote growth, & diversity in perspective & lived experiences.


Olson is an amazing community of families and staff working together to create an excellent learning experience for all students. Olson continues to maintain and improve strong academic programs in literacy and mathematics while providing students the necessary social, emotional, and technical skills to be successful in college and career. Olson School is a special place with diverse and motivated students, a dedicated staff, and involved parents and community all serving in the best interest of students. 


Ione Olson Elementary School

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Marina, CA. 93933

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